1300 Litre
Bunded Fuel Station 56 LPM Pump

Ex VAT: €2,730.48

Inc VAT: €3358.49

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650 Litre R
Oil Storage Tank

Ex VAT: €430.80

Inc VAT: €529.88

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1400 Litre
Bunded Waste Oil Tank

Ex VAT: €2,179.05

Inc VAT: €2680.23

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1150 Litre
Oil Storage Tank

Ex VAT: €500.80

Inc VAT: €615.98

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Tanks Ireland:

Irish Supplier of Oil Tanks, Water Tanks, Rainwater Tanks, Home Heating Oil Tanks...

Also Available: Fuel Dispensing Tanks, Rainwater Harvesting , Agricultural Products, Storage Bunkers, Marine Products, Pumps, Filter and Gauges.

Tanks Ireland is a business based in County Sligo, Ireland, serving all of Ireland, providing specialist storage tank advice, expertise, sales and consultancy services, to consumers across the Republic of Ireland.

Our expertise is Highly recognised in the Oil Industry in Ireland, the UK and European Markets. Having worked in the Business Development Arena for a leading oil tank manufacturer for the past decade.


  • Make sure vent and fill caps are secure and in place.
  • The fill pipe must have no leaks and be easily accessible by you and your oil supplier.
  • Check the surrounding area for anything that could fall onto your tank causing damage.
  • Look for any signs of corrosion on fittings.
  • If your tank is underground, check for the smell of fuel.
  • Inspect the area above and below the tank for signs of instability this will reduce the risk of tipping or collapse.
  • Examine the nearby ground for any spills as this is a good sign that there is something wrong with your tank.
  • An oil tank is not a fit and forget product, you should inspect your tank at regular intervals.

Please note that all images are supplied for reference purposes only. All dimensions and capacities stated are approximate. Consistent with tanksireland.ie policy of continual improvement, the right is reserved to amend product specifications without notice.

Information ref VAT: 
All VAT is Charged out at current Rate of 23%

Shop online at Tanks Ireland for drinking water tanks, diesel tanks, rainwater tanks, heating oil tanks, non drinking water tanks, water tanks, rainwater harvesting, we offer a wide range of capacities from 650 litres, 1100 litres, 1300 litres, 2000 litres, 2500 litres, 5000 litres and 10,00 litres. At Tanks Ireland we offer a wide range of storage tanks for all your needs, for water tanks, diesel tanks, kerosene tanks, adblue tanks, rainwater tanks, we offer above ground and below ground tanks, made from steel or plastic. We have a range of attic storage tanks for the storage of water. We offer a range of bespoke steel tanks with capacities from 1000 litres to 50,000 litres, in either bunded or single skin construction.
We have recently added a wide range of gauges, flow metres, fuel filters and pumps. We also offer a range of coal bunkers, grit bunkers and storage bins.
Tanks Ireland offer a range of waste oil tanks with capacities from 350 litres, 650 litres, 1000 litres, 1200 litre, 1400 litre, 2000 litre and 2500 litre
For all you oil tanks, water tanks, diesel tanks, kerosene tanks, adblue tanks rainwater harvesting, attic water tanks and rain water collection, contact tanks Ireland where a friendly welcome awaits you.
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