1450 Litre Non Potable Water Tank

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Price Ex. VAT: €323.58

Harlequin 1450VT Non Potable Water Storage Tank
  • Diameter: 1350 mm
  • Height: 1260 mm
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Actual Capacity: 1480 litres

Manufactured from a specialist grade of Medium Density Polyethylene, Non Potable Water Storage Tanks are ideal for the storage of water which is not intended for human consumption. (Non Drinking)

Standard equipment includes:

• 4" Inspection Access complete with Plastic Screw Cap
• Manhole Type Access Lid
• 1" Outlet

This Water tank is ideal for the storage of non-potable water at agricultural, commercial, domestic and industrial installations.

Installation Requirements

The Water Tank should be completely supported under its entire length and width, by a concrete base or similar fireproof material and should protrude at least 50mm (2 inches) past the tank on all sides please refer to manufacturer’s installation instructions for further details.

For Above Ground use ONLY


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