Construction & Design

Both the "AIRFLOAT" Module and Pin are individually manufactured by rotational moulding from UV stabilised Linear Medium Density Polyethylene Resins (MDPE) with narrow molecular weight distribution. They are made without welds or joints so no weak points exist. MDPE combined with the method of manufacturing is ideal where a tough and rugged life is required such as the construction and all types of floatation products including fish farms, buoys, boat construction and of course the "AIRFLOAT" Modular Pontoon System; which we use in boat docks, jetty & wharf construction, among many other uses. The underside of the "AIRFLOAT" module is concave to give increased stability and prevent modules lifting from the water. The lugs, design for maximum strength, provide the fixing points for all accessories such as fenders, handrails, access ladders and mooring points.