i-Track oil tank monitoring systems

i-Track Networks is a global provider of intelligent monitoring and energy management systems. The company launched the i-Track Intelligent Oil Monitoring System in 2011 and is currently developing a range of additional product offerings. These energy management products will be launched under the i-Track umbrella.

The company's mission is to make energy management accessible to all and to actively promote energy awareness and efficiency across domestic, commercial and industrial environments.

Headquartered in Belfast's 'Northern Ireland Science Park', i-Track Networks sits alongside some of Europe's most progressive and innovative companies. Backed by a combination of private and UK government funding the company has introduced one of the most revolutionary energy management systems to date. Working with a number of leading technology partners in Australia and Ireland i-Track has designed and developed a highly accurate, reliable and intelligent monitoring system. Extensive testing and certification of the final product has been carried out by a number of Europe's leading research centres.

As a result, i-Track Networks first product introduction - the i-Track Intelligent Oil Monitoring System is a highly reliable and accurate energy management product for domestic and commercial users wishing to control their usage and expenditure on heating and fuel oil.